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So, COVID is still with us, as I believe we all figured it would be even with vaccines, experimental as they my be. Many thinga have changed or me and for all of us in so very many ways. I find myself working much less and staying at home more. My habits were certainly changed with the lockdowns of 2020. Finding purpose is much more difficult for me these days which I find preplexing based on the fact that my life pre-COVID seemed jam packed with purpose. I have not been out to the wetlands in over a year to ingage in photography. For most of 2020 they were closed and perhaps that contributed to the loss of purpose. I'm really not sure. Getting back on track I'm finding to be difficult. My family dynamic has changed, as well contributing to my stay close to  home habit. Ansel Adams was crediting with saying that after a point he didn't need to go out into the field anymore since his archive was so full that he could spend all his time printing negatives never seen. Well, I have taken that to heart considering my current situation and I am processing images from my archive that few if any people have seen. I've also been printing, matting and framing images for a client that has kept me busy. I've even hung them in her home as part of my service. I have found this exercise to actually be very fulfilling. It has allowed me to view much of my work in a different light seperated by the distance of time since I first shot the image. Taking all things together life is good and progressing not as I might desire, but as God wishes it too. I press forward with optimissum chasing inspiration as I am lead. Each day and each tought and each touch of love is a gift and I am gratful beyond ability to express. To say that I am blessed is an understatement. Grab life and play the catds you have been dealt the very best you can and look up because the promise is just that...a promise. 


I have another book in mind if I can possibly pony up the money for self publishing. Other than that I continue onward trying to increase my sense of creative seeing. 


I wish each of you the best in these trying times. Blessings to all!


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