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In the year of COVID so many aspects of our lives have changed. Adversity seems to surround us. We have lived our lives differently than at any other time in the last 60 years. Born during the Korean conflict, my generation has been through Vietnam, and other conflicts. We've experienced 911 and the Gulf conflicts. Now we are seeing unrest and adversity in many of our largest cities that we never could have imagined. Hate and distrust seem to be everywhere. We're wearing masks and keep our distance from one another. In many families touching and intimacy have all but stopped in fear of transmission of infection. Gathering together to celebrate is greatly curtailed if not completely forbidden. This is true with art, as well. In-person gallery shows and art festivals have been canceled. We have turned to online virtual shows. An experience, although safe, as the transmission of COVID is concerned, robs the viewer of the experience of seeing up close the wonder of the artist's work. Regardless, we as artists must push on and continuing creating looking forward to the day when views can gather in person once again to experience the wonder of painted images, sculpture, photographs, and hand-turned pottery. To create is our mission and our duty.

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