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 Tuesday 3 July 2018

While going through some very old

boxes with files dating back to when I was Assitant Art Director for Norgren-Davis Advertising in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Deep in this box of old memories was an envelope with 35mm color and black & white negatives that I had taken at Port Canaveral for a brochure project. Right there with them were some negatives I took during one of my frequent photography nights at the port. Being that during that time I lived in Cape Canaveral only a mile or so from the port late at night, I would roam along the channel with my Nikon and a 50mm lens looking for interesting subjects. I found the work of the night crews of great interest. The old negatives were from a night when I photographed men working as they loaded natural gas into a barge bound for parts unknown. I took a roll or more that night but only two survived over the years. I digitized them and went to work to correct the damage from 30+ years of poor storage in the heat of several garages. I have titled them Night Work 1 & 2 and posted them in black & white, as well as black & white with a color tint treatment.

This discovery has begun to germinate ideas for a new project consisting of photographs of industrial work at night. I'll let you know where this leads as I think it out.


Hope you enjoy the color tint versions I have posted here. Please check out the Night Work folder to see the black & white versions.


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My best to all






Night Work 1



Night Work 2

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