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Spent a bit of time in the marshes and along the edge of West Lake Toho. The stormy season is upon us here in Florida and everyday we are experienceing strong thunder storms. Wednesday was
no exception. Coming back from the store I noticed a strom forming to the soithwest of the house. The sky was darking and white to light grey roll clouds were leading the way as the storm moved on to the northeast. Ran into the house and grabed the camera with my 24-70 f/2.8 lens, jumoed back in the car and headed south to the tip of West Lake Toho. Arrived just in time to capture some wonderful cloud formations as the storm moved over the lake. The lighting was pretty intense and I must admitt that I was spoked more than once as I shot away. Posted here is one of the images looking southwest across the lake. I hope you enjoy.


Inaddition I'm including two images of snadhill cranes taken in the marsh of East Lake Toho in St. Cloud. I am blessed to live where ther is an abundance of birds and other wildlife. In fact it is one of the great benefits of living in Florida.


The sandhill cranes have so much expression in their eyes and the way they move. I just never get enough of seeing and photographing them.


It is my hope that all three of these images touch your spirit.


Stormy Wednesday - West Lake Toho



Mom Sandhill Crane sitting her nest in the high grass of the East Lake marsh.


Adolescent Sandhill Crane in the marsh of Est Lake Toho

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