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Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy my work and that in someway it touches you.

The work contained on this site is in no short way a piece of me, a look into how I see the world. I might even say a look into my very spirit. Everyday, I seek to create work that relates how the world looks to me, how it toouches and moves me. I always attempt to create images that show more than just the subject that was before my lens, but to also show what else it is. 

My work is varied. So much of the world interest me visually that I find it hard to focus my work on just one subject or genre. My most consistant subject is Floirda wildlife. I have a concern for the state of the enviroment of Florida and it's unique wild resisdents who are threatened by the large scale development. The Everglades is a particular concern, due to the strain of water control for the use of farmers and the large influx of people, moving everyday to South Florida. It is my purpose to show the need to conserve the special places that make us all better people.


Please join me on this very personal journey.




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